Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Anna rows for George Mason University in Fairfax, VA
Fairfax, VA - In my Family we go on a lot of road trips. If you’ve talked to my father for at least thirty seconds within the past few years you know that I’m rowing at George Mason University. This means I’m in a car or a van or on a bus a lot and you know what’s obnoxious? Blankets. Blankets suck. That’s why last year I begged for a Snuggie and Nicole blessed me with a deluxe version of one. 
   I don’t know how many times I’ve been in a cramped car on my way to God knows where and as soon as I’ve finally, finally gotten into a comfortable position gravity has reared it’s ugly head. The blanket slips off an inch of your leg but you don’t really mind; you can ignore it. Then another inch. Then another. Soon your whole left leg is exposed and freezing. This doesn’t happen with Snuggies. You arms are in the blanket instead of underneath it and they keep it in place the whole trip. 
   Another scenario. You’re on a bus and have ma  gically found a comfortable position with your blanket somewhat covering you when your phone rings. Or buzzes. Or sings or whatever obnoxious setting you have chosen for it. What do you do? You know you will never find this position again. I’ll tell you what I did before I had a Snuggie, I ignored it and went back to sleep. But maybe you are a little more obsessed with your phone than me and want to answer it. You have to take you arm out from underneath the warm confines of your blanket and reach for the blasted thing. It won’t be within reach of course and so, gasp; you are going to have to actually sit up. You may have been able to come back from the one arm reach but sitting up, rest in peace comfy position. This scenario also never happens with Snuggies because it has pockets. You’re phone buzzes, you slip your hand into your pocket that it was right next to anyway and you see what the phone says. You reply (or in my case, you don’t) you put the phone back in your pocket, and you go back to sleep. You find a comfortable position in the beginning of the trip and then you lay there and you fall asleep and it is wonderful. I recommend the deluxe edition from Costco because it’s extra fluffy.

Anna and Jonny with her barracuda

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