Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Charlie and Rick going for a sail in March

Bill and Brenda enjoying a day with the kids in August

Brenda with her favorite childhood tree
Norfolk, VA - Merry Christmas! We have spent a lot of time on the road this year.  Anna and I spent New Years in the Keys visiting with Jonathan and friends Rick and Christine. After kayaking and making fresh pasta, we headed to Key West. There’s no place crazier than Key West on New Year’s Eve.  Jonny caught a Hash Harrier and we watched the conch drop on top of Sloppy Joes. It was so much fun, Bill and Nicole are joining us this year to do it again.  March found Bill, Nicole, Charlie and myself back in the Keys - this time we learned how to catch shrimp at night.  You need a net, a flashlight, a bucket and apparently you don’t actually need to get into the water to catch the little suckers.  We didn’t quite realize this at first - Rick and Jonny were out there with wet suits on scooping them up.  Live and learn.  Guess where we were in August.  That’s right - the Keys.  Was it hot?  YES!  So we stayed in the water all day - snorkeling, swimming, fishing, lobstering.  We had Nicole’s graduation dinner at the Blackfin Bistro (Jonathan works there as a sous chef).  After an excellent meal, we took the pictures we used for our Christmas card this year.  I hope Jonny doesn’t get tired of seeing us, because we’re heading his way again soon.
Nicole and Charlie at Blackfin Bistro, Key West, FL
Anna, Charlotte and Jonny at Blackfin Bistro

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